A few more pictures from the 1998 BBQ

Ok, so what does Sara mean in Chinese?
Sara Megarry, George Nimmo and Frankie Roberts

Chinese braille, let's have a look
George Nimmo, Kate Brown, Chris McT
and... er, help?

The Video-master at work
John Gilliver shoots Liz Blades watched by Kate Lambert, Frankie Roberts and Robin F

Time for more Grange Farm cider
Peter Hesketh, Paul Herber and Brian Nathan

The Bunker Brigade
Kate Lambert, Chris Harrison, Charles Hankel and Liz Blades

Building bunkers is a very complex business
Brian Nathan and Charles Hankel

Andy Roberts and Brian Nathan enjoy the sunshine

Glynn Greenwood preferred the shade

The real Kate Lambert

Simon Townley receives a shoulder massage from Tara Frances

Min Lacey in her magnificent PANCAKE T-shirt

Robin Fairbairns brushes his beard with the Golden Bogbrush

Last but not least, the astronomical Robin Stevens

All photographs © Penny Mayes 1998

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