The Archers references on the web

NEW An everyday story of cancer The Observer, Sunday June 25, 2000 NEW

Electronic Telegraph Archive - includes William Smethurst's book serialisation

Tommy Archer's court case - Sunday Express Radio Review 7-11-99

The Archers ™ has timely advice for troubled farmers- Derby Evening Telegraph, 29-02-00

Down on the farm- Harrogate Borough Council 1998

What's Eddie Grundy done to deserve this? The Guardian, 7-3-00

Is Big Brother watching you watching the soaps? The Observer, 30-1-00

A beat combo named after a TA character

Small-screen messages with the biggest of ambitions

Ambridge exposed as a den of political subversion (Independent)

Letter to The Independent from the Beetle in reply

Letter to Keri Davies regarding animal welfareKeri's reply

Press release about HSE investigation into the tractor accident at Bridge Farm

Tree Council press release about appointment of Ambridge tree warden

Stay on a Farm with The Archers - article by Norman Painting [Phil]

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