umra list of Nicknames and Abbreviations
Updated 29 December 2001


Please note: this is in no way an "official" list.
I started it in response to pleas for clarification from a new umrat, having spent several months working out what all the many and various umraisms meant for myself. Since then it has grown considerably (blame umrats rising to a challenge).
When I read umra I file away any new 'usage' that I spot and later decide whether to include it in the list. Sometimes a new term needs to be taken up and used by other umrats, sometimes, if I find it particularly apt or pleasing, I will include it upon first sight.

I did think about including explanations for some of the more obscure umraisms but in the interests of keeping the list in an easily updateable form, have not done so. If you can't work something out feel free to ask in umra or email me and I'll ask in umra if it's something I'm not sure of [that'll be most of it then. Ed.].

Missing acronyms: There are many acronyms in daily use on umra which you will not find in this list. This is because they are either commonly used Usenet Acronyms or they relate to the LSS and may be found elsewhere.

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Note: some items previously featured in this list have now been removed to the BANANA (Bad Acronyms, Nonentities, Absentees, Non Actives section at the bottom of this page - although probably not enough of them to make the exercise worthwhile.


A confection of egg-white and sugar - a meringue?
AGAAST - Alienated Genevan Archers Addict Spitting Tacks
Alligator   -   Snappy
Allrich   -   Aldridge
A meringue?  -  could I possibly be mistaken?
Am I wrongs - meringues
anticlockwise, the   -   the supermarket (qv clockwise)
ASAS   -   Auntie Satya Appreciation Society
AttLSM - Acolytes to the LSM
BALLS - Big Admirers of Larry Lovell Society
Bayleafs, the  -   the bailiffs
BB   -   Beetle's Book - TA - The Official Inside Story - V Whitburn
Beddy   -   Betty Tucker
Beetle, the   -   VW
Benegits Agency  -  Benefits Agency
BF   -   Bridge Farm
BHS   -   Bearded Hippy Silversmith (aka Steve Holden)
BICB(A)M  -  But I Could Be Meringue
Big Book  -  the Book
Bike, the - Caroline Pemberton [Canonical unfair, mildly offensive and politically unsound entry, in order to generate complaints and thereby enhance social cohesion]
BIMBAM  -  But I Might Be Meringue
Biriani   -   Brian Aldridge
BLand   -   Borchester Land
BMT  -  Before My Time
BOFE - Bit of Fluff Extraordinaire
Bolter, the - Krait
Book, The - The book of the Archers - Greene, Collingwood, Niklaus
Brumshee, the  -  Highley
BTA -   Bad Taste Award
BTM   -   Bad Taste Monitor
BTN   -   Bad Taste Nomination
BUMs   -   umratic supporters of Brian Aldridge
Butter Wouldn't Melt - Brendurrr
BWM - Butter Wouldn't Melt


CABS - Collective Amnesia By Scriptwriters
CE(O)LSS   -   Chief Executive (Officer) Lynda Snell Society
Camumrats  -  umrats who hail from/reside in Cambridge
Ceilidh - Highley
CHEFF  -  Cooks, Hedonists, Epicures and Foodie Fetishists
Chiffon   -   Siobhan Hathaway
chocolage - chocolate (you needed to check?)
Chrisduffer   -   Christopher Carter
Christine Cardboard   -   Christine Barford
Clarrieluv   -   Clarrie Grundy
clockwise, the   -   the supermarket (qv anticlockwise)
Clot - Scot Daniels
conga-rats - dancing rodentia
Cormorant   -   shag
cot raveller - fellow traveller
Cow orker  -  a work colleague
Crawcodile  -  Crawfilth
Crawfilth   -  Crawfish
Crawfish   -   Matt Crawford
CurseTee  -  Kirsty Miller
Dairy Cow, the   -   Helen Archer
Damien   -   Danul
dancing rodentia - congratulations
Danul   -   Daniel Hebden
Danyul   -   Daniel Hebden
Davros   -   Mike Tucker
Deaaavvudwheresmydinner?   -   De(e)avid
Deadwood - Ed Grundy
De(e)avid   -   David Archer
Demon   -   Slimball
Dilbert   -   Robert Snell
Dimon   -   Slimball
Dimples   -   Demon
DINTAFLTTOU?   -   Do I need to apologise for lowering the tone on umra?
DINTAFPOU   -   Do I Need To Apologise For Pedantry On umra?
Dobbie   -   Debbie Aldridge
Dog Woman, the   -   Mrs Antrobus
Dripping   -   Lizzie
Dr Dim  -  Tim Hathaway
Dr Strangelove   -   Tim Hathaway
dur(-)umbrat  -  umbrat studying at Durham University


East Island, the - the British mainland
EBSY - Empties Bladder squealing "Yes!!!!"
Edddeee   -   Eddie Grundy
efffffinell   -   the lilliputs
effff woman   -   Jennifer Aldridge
Emmurrr   -   Emma Carter
EMU - Encyclopaedia Monitor Umratica
En   -   Encarta
Encarta   -   Neil Carter
Encyclopedia Umratica   -   the umracle
EPIC   -   Elizabeth Pargeter Is Correct
EPITAPH - Elizabeth Pargeter is the Archers' Pet Hate (or Pathetic Heroine if you insist)
Feeble  -  alternative spelling of Pheeble
Feebs  -  Feeble
FedUp   -   Feed Back
ffffff   -   Jennifer Aldridge
ffffer  -  ffffff
Flat Roof - Roof since her operation
FOTWD   -   Fly on the wall documentary
FONT - Friends of the Nun
Frilly   -   efffffinell
Furbie   -   Phoebe Aldridge
FUSSPOT - Fashion and Up-to-the-minute Style Supervisor, Promoter Of Taste.
Ganja Man - Joint Master
GCHQ - Got Concerns/Have Questions
Gillivery/ing   -   Bulk posting large quantities of replies to old threads
Glug - Greg Turner
Good with Pigs   -   Encarta
GOS   -   Gloucester Old Spot (pig)
Grudge - Glug
Grumblies   -   Grungies
Grungy   -  Grundy
GRVR94  -  Great Removals Van Robbery of 1994 (ask Hankel)
GTN   -   Good taste nomination
GULP - Girly Umrats for Leslie Philips
GWP - Great With Pigs


HAHA   -   Helen Archer Haters Alliance [formerly Anonymous or Association]
HAHA HAHA - HAHA Hire A Hippo Appeal
HAHA HOHO  -  HAHA Head Operative, Hippo Outsendings
HAHAt   -   member of HAHA
HAMBAG - Hopkins' Axeless Murderless But Adorable Geek
Hammerhead - Joe Grundy
Hammerite  -  am I correct?
Hell   -   Hell-n-bowels
Hell-n-bowels   -   Hellbent
Hellbent   -   Hellish
Hellish   -   Hell-en
Hell-en   -   Hellonearth
Hellonearth   -   Helen Archer
Hide the Sausage   -   Sexual intercourse
Highley   -   Hayley Jordan
Hippo-fodda  -  Hellbent
Hollerton Junction's Tramp  -  Jolly
HTS  -  Hide the Sausage
Husbad  -  husband
Husgod  -  deceased husbad
ICB(A)M  -  I may be mistaken
ICBM - Inter-Continental Ballistic missile
IGMC/G  -  I'll get my coat/goat
IHNGAHF - I have not got a haunted fish tank
ILUMGWF(AO)   -   I laughed until my green wellies filled (and overflowed)
IRL   -   In Real Life
ITWSBT   -   I think we should be told
ITYOTKT - I thought you ought to know that
IYBTYBA  -  If you believe that you'll believe anything
Jeck   -   Jack Wooley
JILL - Jenny Induced to Laugh Loudly
Joan   -   Julia Pargetter
Joint Master - Oliver Sterling
Jolly  -  Jolene/Doreen Rogers
Joooliah   -   Julia Pargetter
Krait   -   Kate Aldridge
Krusty  -  Curse Tee


La Bone   -   Caroline Pemberton
Larry Lovey   -   Larry Lovell
La Smell  -   Lynda Snell
LHBOWMLT - Lizbuff has been out with men like that
LICKME - Lucas Is Cool, Kate Must Emigrate
Lilliputs, the   -   Wednesday and Pugsley
Little Book  -  Who's Who in the Archers, Keri Davies
Liznig  -  the Plasterers
Lizzard - Lizzie Dripping
Lizzie Dripping  -  Mrs Niggle
Locksmith   -   Roof (Ooh Key!)
LOLA   -   lack of a local accent
LSM - Lifetime Supersede Monitor
LSS   -   Lynda Snell Society
LSW   -   Lurking Script Writer
LTAA - Lurking TA Actors
Lucas-aid - Lollypop
MAAS   -   Marjorie Antrobus Appreciation Society
Madam Sneer - La Smell
malteaser   -   RT teaser that's not up(?) to usual standard
Matt Pondlife   -   Crawfish
missusnel   -   Mrs Smell (also archer's friend)
Moike   -   Mike Tucker
MOO - minority of one
MOPMOB   -   Me old pal me old beauty
Mrs Smell   -   La Smell
Mrs Encarta   -   Susan Carter
NAF   -   Not A Fan
Nigelandelizabeth Towers   -   Lower Loxley Hall
Niggle   -   Nigel Pargetter
Nintendo - Noluthando Grace Madikane
OAM? - or a meringue?
Obi Wan  -  George Barford
off-Tucker   -   off-mic
omnivore  -  one who listens to the omnibus edition
OP - Official Prediction
orqueur de vaches  -  cow orker
OWB  -  Obi Wan
OxRat - umrat who resides in (or near) Oxford


Patantony   -   Pat & Tony Archer
Pavlova?  -  a meringue?
Pebbles  -  Feeble
Penumbrat  -  umbetweeny
Penumrat - newly delurked umrat
Pheeble   -   Phoebe Aldridge
Phibes - Feeble
PHIL - Possible Honour - I Laughed
Phobia   -   Phoebe Aldridge
Piggy   -   Peggy Woolley
Pipshriek   -   Plip
Plasterers, the   -   the Pargetters
Plip  -  Philippa Archer
PMG  -  pardon my gilliver
PnT   -   Patantony
Pugsley and Wednesday  -  the twigs
-rat   -   suffix indicating umrat status eg. somerat, anyrat
ReadiRat - umrat who resides in (or near) Reading
RHEUM - Right Honourable Encyclopaedia Umratica Monitor
RL   -   Real Life
ROFLUBWS - Rolling on floor laughing until Barwick Green started
ROFLWMGWITA - Rolling on floor laughing, waving my green wellies in the air
Roof   -   Ruth Archer
Rruga me Pisha! - Goodness me!
RT(F)M  -  Radio Times (Features) Monitor
Rubbish With Girls   -   Tom(my) Archer
Rubbish With Pigs/People   -   Hell
RWG - Rubbish With Girls
RWP - Rubbish With Pigs/People


Sain't   -   Shula Hebden
Schrödinger's Producer  -  Keri Davies
Seabird   -   Cormorant
She fawns   -   Chiffon
Shulamite, the   -   Daniel Hebden
Slimball  -  Slimy
Slime2   -   Matt Crawford
Slimy  -  Simon Gerard
Snappy   -   Alistair Lloyd
Sneer, Madam - La Snell
Snid - Superstud
Soapy Sid - Snid
SODAM. PISS - Snellian Odeist Deified at Mike's. Poet In Snell Society
South Island, the  -  Isle of Wight
Special K  -  Kathy Perks
Squid - Snid
SSAAA   -   what on earth does this acronym mean?
SSS  -  Steamy Shower Scene
Strombone  -  male equivalent of a strumpet
Stromboning -  behaving like a strombone
St S   -   Shula Hebden
St Shula   -   Shula Hebden
sugar and egg-whites  -  a meringue?
Sumraset - those umrats who comes from Somerset
Superstud - Sid Perks
SW   -   Script Writer
T&H   -   Tom(my) and Hayley
TA   -   The Archers
TA30 - The Archers The First Thirty Years - Smethurst [book]
Tain't   -   Shula Hebden
TATTS   -   TA - The True Story - W Smethurst [book]
TDW   -   The Dog Woman
TIP - Truly Implausible Prediction
TITS - That Is To Say
TNMF  -  That Nice Mr Fairbairns
The Book - The book of the Archers - Greene, Collingwood, Niklaus [book]
Tilley, to   -   make dupilcate (or triplicate) postings to umra
TANOC - The Archers The New official Companion - Smethurst [book]
Toady   -   Today programme
Tom-Cat  - RWG
Toodling  -  wodge from the McMillan household
Tosh   -   Josh Archer
Toxophile - lover of TA
Toxophobia - an irrational fear of TA
TstS   -   Tarnished St Shula
Tuggers, the  -  Moike and Beddy
TUMs   -   Totally Unsuitable Men
Twigs, the  -  Lily and Freddy Pargetter
Twinkler -  HAMBAG


UBBBA - Umrats Believing Baked Beans Awful
umbabe  -  young female umrat
umbetweeny  -  somewhere twixt umbrat and umgit
umbrat  -  successful, young, hopeful follower of umra
umgit  -  umrat with Victor Meldrew tendencies
umra   -
umracle, the   -   the collective wisdom of umra
umrae -   alternative plural of umrat
umrat -   one who reads umra
umriquette   -   umra nettiquette
UNCEMPT - Umrats Niggled by Cruel or Embarrassing Moments in Plays and Television
UNCEMPT BAG  -  Umrats Niggled by Cruel or Embarrassing Moments in Plays and Television But Accept Graham (Norton)
Voltarol - troll alert
VW   -   Vanessa Whitburn
Wednesday and Pugsley  -  the twigs
Weevil, to  -   to post follow-ups which form a new thread or new messages which don't
West Island, the - the island of Ireland
Widow Pemberton  -  Caroline Bone
Whingelot  -  Krait
Widow Pemberton  -  Caroline Bone
Wodge  -  large number of follow-ups to current threads from one umrat
Wofe  -  wife
Wood pigeons - breasts
Woof  -   Ruth Archer
Woolleyheads, the - Jeck and Piggy
Woy -  Roy Tucker
YANM   -   you are correct
YNASATDD  -  You Need a Space after the Dash Dash
Yumrat - umrat who hails from Yorkshire

Corrections/additions welcome to


AAA  -  Archers Addicts Artist
Alas'dare'  -  Alistair Lloyd
AMB  -  Ambridge millennium baby
AMC  -  Ambridge millennium conception
Braaahn   -   Brinumb
Brainless  -  Biriani
Brinumb -   Biriani
3d   -  ddd
CAL!nda - The campaign to eradicate TSW (That Snell Woman)
Christofurrr   -   Christopher Carter
CLASP - Castrate Lying A***hole Sid Perks
Crashing bore, the - Mark Hebden
ddd  -   Deadly Doctor Dick
Deadly Doctor Dick -  Richard Locke
DWB   -   Death Watch Beetle
Dic Doc  -  3d
Doc Dic  -  Dic Doc
Bloody-good-hiding of sausages   -   a pile of shags
Flies With Barn Owls     -   Alistair Lloyd
FWBO   -   Flies With Barn Owls
H&T   -   Hayley and Tom(my)
Hebden   -   mark (you Hebden my words)
Jellybean  -  the tramp steamer
Lollypop - Lucas
Neil 98   -   Encarta 98
Noilly Prat - Nintendo
Slimon  -  Simon Pemberton
Sloane, the   -   Hellbent
Surreal Life   -   Borsetshire
SWAN   -   script-writer with an assumed name
Tove, the  -  Simon Pemberton
Tramp Steamer  -  Hollerton Junction's Tramp
Willyum   -   William Grundy
Wiwyerm   -   Will Grundy

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