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The remarkable phenomenon of The Shepherds Bush Nun was first noted on 25th May 1999, when she sprinted past Nuncius Towers with breathtaking speed and grace. Since then, her progress has been carefully monitored from a hide, specially constructed in the shape of a campanile so as not to arouse her suspicions and interfere with her natural behaviour. The plans for the campanile were revealed on on 14th November 1999:


  / \
/     \ Campanile
|      |
|      |
|      |    ¤
|      |   / \
|      | /     \  Viewing space
|      |/       \
|      |         |
|      |         |\
|      |         |  \   Flying buttress
|      |         | /\ \                           

“This is a cross section, showing the proposed utilisation of negative space to emphasise the representation of nihilistic, millennial angst which the Nun has done so much to contradict. The entire concept plays with our notions of space-time - the campanile soaring like a pointing finger toward the black holes of the universe, with the flying buttress anchored firmly in primeval earth. The viewing space between them is caught, like the human race, in the dialectical tension between the ethereal and corporeal..... (cont. p94)”

The Nun 27/2/00Many hours of cold, patient waiting have finally produced a photograph - taken in the early morning light of 27th February 2000. It shows the nun in her winter plumage, with wimple demurely tucked into a sensible waterproof which conceals the splendour of her habit. The blurring has given rise to some scepticism: some maintain that it is just a picture of a bin-liner and all a cruel hoax. Others put the blurring down to quantum indeterminacy or poor light conditions. The campanile is still fully manned, however, and incontrovertible evidence of the Nun in full flight with wimple and habit flying is still being sought. It will be a stirring sight.

Watch this space…

Siderius Nuncius

Latest News

New photographs now available!

The first two show the nun in pre-sprint ambling mode in summer and winter plumage respectively. The third catches her in full sprint. Our reporter admits, "She does actually shift at quite a pace, so the focus isn't great and I mis-timed it - I was trying to catch her between cars but there is a good flying wimple for umrats to enjoy."

Summer plumage - ambling Winter plumage - ambling Full flight

For the curious among you we have also managed to acquire a rare shot of Siderius Nuncius himself, seen here with two-week-old Superniece.

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